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Support is Critical to Online Learning Success

By Kris Powers | February 21st 2017

Female Student

Ed4Online believes that support is critical to the success of online learning. That’s why we’ve developed our Online Student Center (OSC) – available to our Career course and For-College Credit students.

Our Student Center is stocked with useful tips, resources and tools for students, all designed to support the online learning experience. The following is a sampling of what the OSC offers:

  • Interactive discussion boards that allow students to:

The Value of Certifications

By Kris Powers | February 14th 2017

Certified tab on keyboard

As careers become more specialized and the business world grows more complex, the demand for individuals with industry approved credentials will continue to grow.

In fact, career training courses that offer certification can provide learners with a less expensive alternative to traditional degree programs as well as provide a faster pathway to job opportunities.

Certifications appeal to those currently working in their field as well as those individuals just beginning their career training. A study conducted by UPCEA, Penn State and Pearson found that millennial students are more likely to favor a reward based educational system built around badging and certifications, compared to a more traditional bachelor’s degree.

Poverty Awareness Month

By Kris Powers | February 7th 2017

Stop Poverty photo

The American Psychological Association reports that the nation’s economic crisis has deeply affected the lives of millions of Americans. Skyrocketing foreclosures and job layoffs have devastated many families, particularly those living in low-income communities.

The Census Bureau defines poverty on a sliding scale according to the size of a family unit. For a family of four, the poverty threshold in 2015 was $24,000. For an individual, it was $12,000.

Below are a few facts about poverty in the United States. According to the Census Bureau, in 2015 there were:

The 9 Mentors You Need

By Kris Powers | January 31st 2017


Whether you’re looking for career advice or need insight on some other big change in your life, mentors are there to help you navigate the journey.

Below are definitions of nine different types of mentors. Make it your goal to have these different types of people as part of your mentoring team to help you succeed. In addition, strive to fill one or more of these roles in someone else’s life. The rewards are tremendous!

The Challenger

If you want to grow, you will want some challengers in your life who will tell you when they think you're doing something wrong or if you need to spend more time thinking something through. Challengers ask the tough questions that help you analyze your situation realistically.

The Cheerleader

Going Back to College has Never Been Easier

By Kris Powers | January 24th 2017

Smiling woman with laptop

Have you taken some college courses but have not earned a degree yet? Have you thought about going back to school, but feel overwhelmed by the cost and complexity of the process? You are not alone. An estimated 32 million nontraditional students across the nation have some college experience but no degree to show for it, according to the American Council on Education. Many of these students may want to pick back up and start again but aren’t sure how to go about it.

Ed4Online created Ed4Credit to assist people in obtaining their dream of a college degree. The company was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a chance to have an education and Ed4Credit offers a completely affordable opportunity for students.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: 10 Great Tips

By Kris Powers | January 17th 2017

Lightbulb = productivity

Have you heard the phrase “Work Smarter, Not Harder”? Are you looking for new ways to increase productivity without putting in more hours? Here are ten tips to help you work more efficiently and more productively without expending any additional effort:

Bettering Yourself in 2017

By Kris Powers | January 10th 2017

Goldfish jumping from smaller fish bowl to larger one

Many who know me will tell you that I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions. In the past, I would never be able to maintain the lofty goals I’d set for myself, and end up feeling defeated and disappointed. Instead, for the last few years, my daily mantra has been, “Today, my goal is to be better than I was yesterday.” This opens up a whole host of possibilities, depending on how the day unfolds and challenges me to better myself each and every day. Most importantly, it leaves me plenty of room for success!

Here are a few tips that might help us all better ourselves in 2017:

For Our Health:

Ten Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress and Depression

By Kris Powers | December 13th 2016

Man sitting in front of Christmas tree

With the frenzied pace of the holiday season (activities, guests, shopping, parties, baking, etc.) it’s no wonder that stress and depression can seem an inevitable part of the festivities. However, with a little planning, there may be a way for you to enjoy your holiday time a little bit more! Mayo Clinic and Health.com offer the following tips:

10 Tips for a More Productive Winter Break

By Kris Powers | December 6th 2016

Woman with coffee at laptop with snow falling

Many of us are getting ready for the holiday and a nice winter break. The holidays are a great time to catch up with friends and family (as well as catch up on sleep!). But after the first few days of relaxation and overeating, you might find yourself a bit bored and looking for something to do. Instead of sitting around and letting the weeks go by, here are some tips to make your winter break more productive:

Six Apps for Students

By Anonymous | November 29th 2016

Image of person with smart device

Jennifer Morrison, a blogger at Military Career Education, compiled a list of iOS and Andriod apps for students to utilize and optimize their time. We've taken her list and added a couple suggestions of our own. Read below to learn more about some of the great apps that are available! 

My Homework Student Planner

This app allows you to track your course schedules and assignments, and organize them by due date and class. You can also sync your syllabus and resource materials. 



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